Tidy Tots Disposable Potty Chair Liners

The best part of the story first…

Every product sold by The Cumberland Companies LLC is assembled by the great folks at Sunshine Industries in Knoxville, TN, a vocational development facility serving adults with intellectual disabilities. Simply walking through the facility is a gratifying experience where the “clients” (employees) of various levels of developmental ability embody the notion of teamwork in the workplace. The handshakes, “high fives”, waves and smiles we receive on each and every visit from our Sunshine friends is heartwarming and inspiring to say the least. Sunshine Industries is a place where each client can feel important, can reach their potential and where they are not low man on the totem pole. Each client is an important person and respected as such. It’s an honor to be a customer of this wonderful organization.

Now…the rest of the story

Raising two boys I had plenty of experience with the interesting challenges of potty training. Even though I enjoyed the celebration of my children's success as they felt so "grown-up" when using the potty chair, I was always left with the reality of cleaning up the mess. As my husband and I have been mutually involved in the upbringing of our children, together we went on a mission to find a mess-free solution to potty training.

As we developed TidyTots® Disposable Potty Chair Liners, we wanted something that would be less hassle, easier to clean up and more sanitary than our past potty training experiences. Given the many choices when purchasing a potty chair, we worked to create a disposable potty liner that would fit virtually any potty chair. For our Travel Pack (where absorption of liquid is a must), we searched to find a super-absorbent pad that would more than contain a very full bladder of a typical 3 year old. For convenience we wanted the product to be easily discarded like a diaper.

In addition to my personal experiences, we asked a broad sample of mothers about potty training. To do this we engaged the u30 Group, an independent consumer market research firm. This firm surveyed mothers about their potty training experiences. We targeted women with children either potty training now or within the past six months. From their responses, we found

  • that most mothers hate cleaning the potty chair
  • they were looking for convenient, more sanitary and hygienic potty training products as an answer to the mess of potty training
  • they wanted a solution to disgusting and unsanitary public restrooms when they are away from home.

If you are potty training I encourage you to try TidyTots® Disposable Potty Chair Liners. I am confident that you will find TidyTots® potty training products to be a useful addition and mess-free solution to potty training.

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