Potty Training Tips

There are a number of really terrific websites with potty training tips, activities and "how to" articles.  We looked for the best information presented in various formats for the different ways you may want to learn.  Here are our favorites:

This is the site for the parent who prefers to watch versus read.  There are six first-rate videos of families telling their stories of going through the potty training experience.  Watching these parents work through their potty training issues is really helpful   For those that want to read as well as watch, look to the "Tools and Resources" tab for a number of articles on potty training.  We highly recommend this site!

From the trusted "What to Expect" authors, a number of articles that help demystify what to expect with potty training.

For the data loving parent, this is the article you need to read.  The piece is full of citations from the numerous clinical studies of potty training.  Data lovers rejoice!

From the American Academy of Family Physicians is a technical article with a lot potty training data.  Many of the things your family doctor might tell you without the co-pay!